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A Marketing Experiment for Single Web Pages

This is a single web page devoted to the marketing strategy of single page websites. There is no internal navigation because this is the only one we've got. The idea behind this article is to test the effectiveness of a website consisting entirely of a single web page of highly focused content.

For our purpose, we've registered the domain name "" and have written an article devoted entirely to that theme. The idea is that search engines will find our site, and based on the domain name and site content, determine that our page is so narrow in focus that it must be considered an authority on the topic.

Why a single web page?

Writing, maintaining and marketing a website with more than a single page is a big challenge. Active user participation to generate unique content with tools like forums, wikis, comment boxes, etc. can be effective ways to generate large amounts of organic search traffic, but can skew the focus of the site far from its original intent and take a great deal of effort to maintain. Based on our research, we've found that information presented in an article format on a single web page can be a highly effective and often preferred format for readers.

For example, a single web page containing a brief overview on the chosen topic along with images, links to other resources etc., written without additional comment or moderation has (in theory) a utility value equal to or greater than a community driven page because it doesn't allow for any deviation from the original author's intent.

The concept of a single web page is nothing new; it's just under-utilized as an effective marketing strategy. From a few years ago and even today, you can find single web pages on a variety of topics, but most do not take advantage of their registered domain names as a key indicator for search engine traffic. Instead we see individual resumes, "business card" style pages, and the spam quick-money style pages.

The idea behind the single web page marketing strategy is re-enforced by a quick search on Google for the term board game. In the top ten results (as of the date of this article), we find no less than seven links containing the search term in some form or other. In one case we find the keywords used in a subdomain, and in several we find them in subdirectories of the original domain name. The key indicator, however, is that in no less than five of the ten results returned, we find the search terms directly embedded in the web site's domain name.

With this in mind, we can conclude that second level domain names are a prime indicator of content for search engines and users. Combined with the fact that domain names can be purchased with minimal expense, the idea of a single web page marketing strategy starts to make a lot of sense.

Traditional web pages are built around a single domain name as the root with multiple directories for various purposes. This kind of construction means that site owners must choose to:
  1. Maintain a consistent theme throughout their website without variation, or
  2. Deviate from their original theme and suffer from reduced effectiveness in their search engine marketing strategy.
  3. Register a generic domain name and voluntarily under-utilize a key search engine component.

Site Networks vs. Megasites

With a single web page devoted to a single topic, site owners can publish on a variety of genres with a distinct marketing advantage without the constraints of publishing within a single theme. For similarly themed articles, site owners can link single web pages together to form a network of related sites, each reinforcing the others while independently maintaining a marketing advantage.

The logistics of the single page marketing strategy make sense because you can purchase domain names at a bulk discount rate and publish literally hundreds of websites on a single server. This is something that not only makes sense for independent website developers, but also for domain name prospectors. What better way to increase the value of your domain than by loading it with a highly focused single web page and improving its market visibility, increasing its value, and turning a tidy profit while it waits for a buyer?

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